I bought an extremely small computer from a friend. It has an Intel Atom, but that’s ok. I had planned to use it for productivity, so it was perfectly fine. Although as you may or may not know, I am a computer nerd who likes older operating systems like Windows 7. I decided to install Windows 7, without seeing if I could find drivers again for it. Sure enough, I put Windows 10 back on it and it wasn’t working right. I needed the original install, but the computer is discontinued so I couldn’t find it.

If you have a Nuvision TM101W545L (or similar enough to work), I will pay you $20 for you to send me an image of the internal storage (with the original OEM install)

As for how I saved it, I found Kubuntu 18.04 had a 32-bit build. I decided to install it and upgrade to 22.04 (LTS), but as it turns out this computer only supports booting UEFI with a 32-bit OS. The solution was to make a YUMI multiboot USB (which supports Legacy/BIOS and UEFI both 32 and 64 bit) and the installer booted fine. Why not Ubuntu? Well GNOME is not as good as KDE Plasma (the desktop environment of Kubuntu).


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How Linux saved a discontinued laptop of mine


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How Linux saved a discontinued laptop of mine


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How Linux saved a discontinued laptop of mine


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